Sunday, August 24, 2008

High School continued

Jack and Natalie were Gr 10 when i started high school. Jack's brother was matric and had a car! I got a lift with him in the mornings, I thought I was super cool driving around with a matric. Unfortunately when I got out of the car in the morning, our friendship with my housemates pretty much got put on hold till we got home. They weren't so cool after all, and they were older, so they didn't really want to be seen hanging out with a Gr 8. I tried spending time with them in the beginning, but soon gave up. It wasn't working. So the plan of having them as my friends in high school pretty much failed. Might as well have gone to a school with my primary school friends, atleast then i would've known somebody who was going through the same changes I was, and who was the same age as me. But I had made the decision, and now I had to try and make the best of it. I didn't like myself very much at that stage of my life. I based my opinion of myself on what others thought of me, and not on what God thought of me. That's where I made my mistake.

"But I have come to understand that I do not have to be perfect in order to receive acceptance, love, and help from the Lord, neither do you." -Joyce Meyer-

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